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Watch 01/21/2021 “Relationships and Heartbreak ”

1/21/2021 – Relationships and Heartbreak Tango songs overflow with stories of heartbreak and rejection. She left him for money, or perhaps a better life. Artists/Writers/Composers discussed: Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores, Claudio Frollo, Enrique Santos Discepolo, Pedro Laurenz, Jose Maria Contursi

Watch 01/28/2021 “Love Lost”

01/28/2021 “Love Lost” Love is a constant theme in tango. Italian immigrants were often very lonely, and they got into relationships that often didn’t end well. Songs of that era included much bitterness and sarcasm. Artists/Writers/Composers discussed: The Rolling Stones, Carlos Olmedo, Abel Aznar, Armando Pontier, Catulo Castillo Moran, Jose Basso

Watch – Tango Expansion 1/14/2021 “Mothers” 

Tango Expansion 1/14/2021 “Mothers” Mothers are often the most important figure in a man’s life, certainly that of immigrant Italians. Tango songs speak of mothers who advise, mothers who warn, and mothers who embrace their poor dear sons.

Watch – Tango Expansion 01/07/2021 “Alcohol”

Songs about Alcohol are pervasive in tango, whether it’s alcohol with a woman, alcohol to remember a woman, or alcohol to forget a woman. Artists/Writers/Composers discussed: Frank Sinatra, Carlos Gardel, Angel Vargas, Anibal Troilo, Jorge Casal